Katie Lilly

Stylist (336) 213-6374

Do you know the feeling you get when you drink champagne? You know, the bubbly, just feel happy feeling. That’s what it’s like when you sit in Katie’s studio. Like everything is going to be ok. And it will be -- well, at least your hair will be.

A pro of more than 14 years, Katie can do more than just cut and color. Leave her chair, and you will look buttery smooth. No matter what you want her to do, Katie has done and seen it before, and knows how to treat your style like a blank canvas and paint you a masterpiece. In the end Katie just loves humans, you included, and making you feel a bit better about yourself, that’s what she’s all about.

While you are in her chair, ask her to play some Adele, and she’ll smile. She might even sing a bit for you, “I wish nothing but the best for you, too...” Take a peek at Katie in her mirror, she not only resembles Adele in her powerful authenticity, she even looks a bit like her.

When not making magic happen in Suite 1, Katie is chasing after her little one, or planning retirement at the beach, or dreaming of her next holiday to somewhere with awesome Indian food.

(336) 213-6374