Don Lee

Stylist (919) 245-8489

"I have been a hair stylist for 28+ years and it has been my goal to stay current with the latest trends. I have trained with some of the greatest artists in this profession. I am not just a cutter or a colorist, but believe that they are both equal when transforming a vision. One of the salon owners I have worked with talked about the beauty in each and every human being and as a stylist, I believe it is my job to bring that beauty to the surface for the world to see! This is my way of making a difference in the world. My mission is to give you a hair experience that you will want to tell others about!"

(919) 245-8489


I was a long time client of Great Clips until my wife talked my into seeing Don. Ellie (my wife) raved about Don so I scheduled an appointment. Don cut my hair so perfectly and I have been completely devoted to the salon. Not only does he have a great personality, he knows what he's doing. Much love!!!

Kenny Glenn

New Milbon Products

Clients want their hair to look beautiful - no matter it’s condition. Our newest brand, Milbon, believes that treatment products are the way to achieve that goal. Since 1965, Milbon’s mission has been helping people find, embrace, and express their individuality, and has helped stylists play a significant part in that.

Their hair care brand, backed by science and stylists alike, has everything a hairdresser would need to customize and transform the hair into a beautiful texture, thus allowing for the perfect cut, color, and style. It contains a Signature line—complete with six categories that tackle hair problems—an age-proof collection, a perm system, semi-permanent color, and straightening and smoothing treatments.

If we know anything about science, we know that it’s all about testing. Milbon has partnered with stylists for more than 50 years to create products that are as innovative as they are scientific. By collaborating with stylists in product development stages—stylists who have worked with thousands of clients—they deconstruct and standardize techniques and treatments that genuinely work for customers. Let’s break down how each of Milbon’s categories can benefit a salon.