Niurka Padula

Esthetician (919) 450-8938

Niurka is an accomplished esthetician, entrepreneur, and mom. She began her career in esthetics out of a pure passion for helping people look and feel beautiful! Niurka loves Jesus, new adventures, spending time with her 5 amazing children, traveling, and effective treatments.

(919) 450-8938


I went to visit Ms. Nikki today to take care of all that lurking extra hair on my know the wonky brow hairs and that hideous mustache some of us ladies end up with...absolutely NOT by choice! Yep! Those! That's what I saw Ms. Nikki for, and in no time she had me all hair free, and didn't put me through any pain even! It was DEFINATELY an amazing experience! I truly enjoyed having Nikki take care of my wax needs and hands down, she will definitely be my my go-to esthetician from now on! I cannot sing her praises loudly enough! All my experiences at the suites and spa have been absolutely phenomenal, and I highly recommend anyone to make an appointment and check them out for yourself! Without a doubt, you will NOT be disappointed! Thank you so much Ms. Nikki for taking care of me and making me feel so comfortable and welcome in your care!

Candance Alley